48 Hours

"R" responded to my email with a request of not touching my cunt or cumming for 48 Hrs. I got totally wet just thinking about it!

He told me I could play with my nipples and ass, like that it is any consolation for relief! Now I can't stop thinking about my nipples & ass and how wet my cunt is...

He also told me that I had forgotten to continue to check out all black men, first the eyes then their crotch. Letting him know how I felt when I did that. I know that the black men I met on Saturday gave me a lot of attention, I could feel the heat of their looks on my lips and body.

I'm getting dizzy from all his requests, trying to remember to carry out each one to the letter so I don't let him down. I can feel the panic feeling starting inside again, just when I thought I had it somewhat under control, at least for today.

I was happy he didn't ask me for link to this blog, so I wouldn't have to say no.  Something I am sure he is not used to hearing and not something I want to do. I was happy when he praised me for doing it and told me to make sure that I wrote all my thoughts and activities.

I am a panicky happy submissive!

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