All before noon

As you know early this morning "Sir" brought me to four orgasms so I decided to go back to bed for while. I set my alarm and a few minutes later my text message went off. It was "Sir" asking me what I was doing, what was I thinking - I was actually thinking of my head in his lap and his fingers in my pussy and how I was still dripping wet. Was I alone he asked, yes for about an hour and half, what did I want? Of course I wanted him, I wanted to be fucked. I told him I was still naked and not rubbing myself. Right after that I received a call to say my appointment would be at 12pm, I still had to shower and make myself presentable. So I dragged myself out of bed and threw on a nightie.

Literally 5 minutes later "Sir" called to see what I was doing. He told me that he was too far away and he would never be able to make it before my appointment. He wanted me to squeeze my pussy for him as requested I did and I could see where this was headed. He demanded that I go to the wall by the door, lean against it and squeeze myself, and rub my pussy which I did happily. Spread my legs wider and stick two fingers in my pussy to see how wet it was, very wet. Pinch my nipple hard like he would if he were there, then pinch my clit just as hard. I asked for permission to cum, but he said no, take a deep breath and pinch your clit again he said (my clit is throbbing just writing this, I am so easy). During all of this I was moaning uncontrollably and for a moment I thought what if someone were to come to the door and hear me, but that passed because I just didn't care.

After that I told me to turn around and rub my nipples against the wall each one, then together roughly. Pinch my clit hard he said, spread your legs wider. As I moaned and begged to cum, he said no - I think he denied me about four times. I was basically humping the wall, pushing my ass out to rub it as he requested in between pinching my clit and rubbing my nipples against the wall. There came a point where all I could hear was this whooshing sound in my head, a sound I recognized because I have passed out before. I begged him to let me sit or lay down, he said no take a deep breath, I begged again because it wasn't going away. No he kept saying just take a deep breath. Eventually is dulled down somewhat and I heard him say, there's going to be a knock at the door it will be me open it up and he hung up.

I opened the door, still dizzy and he came in pushing me up against the wall facing forward. The same wall I had just been leaning against, he pushed his fingers up into my pussy and I felt my ass jut out as he thrust. He whispered in my ear, are you going to be my good slut and cum for me? He grabbed my hair and he asked if I wanted to cum. I begged yes please sir let me cum and he did, thank you. I don't know what happened next but I know he turned me around and put his hand on my clit and I came again all over his hand. He pulled me over by the couch, put my hand on his cock and kissed me as I was permitted to touch him. I remember sitting on the couch with him next to me, his hands in my pussy my legs spread wide open and I was begging to cum again. "Sir" stood up and took off his dress pants, told me not to move, but the site of him opening his pants was too much and went to my knees. He yelled and said don't move and I fell forward kneeling on the couch. He hit my ass hard for disobeying him and then told me to suck his cock. I was happy to finally taste it, nice and firm good size and fullness - tasting wonderful. But then he pulled it away from me and told me to sit back on the couch, saying you only get a taste. One thing I have noticed over the past couple of days, "Sir" has some unbelievable control over himself, I have never experienced that with any other man.

He had me open my legs again and he started hitting my pussy, every time harder and harder. Putting his fingers in after and getting me from wet to dripping. This next time he asked me if I wanted to cum, yes I screamed please "Sir" make me cum, I opened my legs wider and humped his hand. After that he started pinching my nipples and smacking them, asking me if I could cum from that, when I said no he twisted harder. Then hit my pussy, back and forth, I was begging again to cum again like the slut that I am for him. He let me cum one more time then let me suck on his cock and drink his cum, I took it all. Afterwards he made sure I was calm and OK, even let me rest my head against him and before he left kissed me.

It was 11:25 and I had to take the quickest shower, do my make up and get dressed in 15 min. I made it to the meeting and as I was sitting with the three other ladies my mind drifted back realizing that I had orgasmed about nine times all before noon. What an amazing morning!!

Note as I finish writing this I am completely dripping wet again.

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