His voice is like butterscotch dripping down ice cream, melting it as it goes down slowly. There are certain times when he starts to talk about things he wants to do or things he knows I am feeling or doing without even knowing me or how I am reacting at that moment. When I hear that voice I know I would do anything to please him.

For his amusement, "R" extended my withholding from touching my cunt or cumming at least until Saturday. He told me I have to keep my legs open, which is interesting because I have to think about it. My instinct is to curl up and when we were talking on the phone last night that's exactly what I did until I heard his voice snap me out of it and told me to open my legs, now its all I keep thinking about. I can feel my clit pulsing and my cunt aching to be used. He told me I need to have this done to me.

"R" mentioned something I can't get out of my head...a 4 letter word, something he hasn't heard me say yet. I am supposed to forget about it and just keep going the way I have been. Easier said than done. This just ads a new level of frustration to the mix of emotions I am already feeling. I have never in my life been so full of different emotions at the same time, all brought on by one man whispering softly in my ear, dripping into each part of my thought process and I am unable to escape...I don't want to - I want more - I need more.

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