A couple of more

I had a few more replies since yesterday.
1. "B" said all the right things but he's 35, so I asked him where he lives and for a picture. His reply stated he lived in Hollywood and I didn't care for his pic.
2. "B" lives in Tamarac but said he would make it work. I liked what he had to say, but time will tell.
3. "N" & M" both under the age of 30, need I say more.
4. "T" 38 yrs old but really showed his immaturity, telling me to find his picture of FB, plus he's in Broward.
5. "H" who had contacted me previously and who also has flagged my ad twice because I didn't answer him. Yes he's just charming, in his response he told me among other things that I could sit on his face. Now what girl can resist all that charm and class in an email, somehow I managed to hold myself back.

PS "C" text me this morning, I thought I was done with him. I learned this morning that my phone has a wonderful feature that lets me block texts, ha.

PSS of yes and I got my very first penis picture. Please tell me what goes through their mind to send that in an email with no prompting? My girlfriend and I commented on how its not what you have but how you use it and for me I am attracted to their mind before their equipment.

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