Dating Sucks

This weekend has been quiet with my kids away and "R" out of town. It gave me time to think, something I have been avoiding. I was so wrapped up in "R" and enjoying the "mental collaring" as he calls it, that I wasn't thinking if he was actually right for me. I usually have a set of guidelines that I follow when I date and because of where I am with my kids ages, I typically don't date men who have young children. I am at a different stage of my life than they are, not bad just different. Because of this journey I decided to take I didn't want to bring any restrictions with me, so when I met him I ignored my inner voice and said just go for it.

This weekend is a prime example of why its just not going to work out. He has been away with his daughter since Friday morning (I have kids I understand) and I haven't heard from him once. What I realize is that he won't be able to give us the time we need to develop this relationship. Which is funny because he said a few weeks into our emails and correspondences he questioned whether I would be able to give him the attention he needed. The one thing that I have noticed and have been talking about a little is the fact that we don't see each other and he seems to be testing me to see if I'm worth taking on as a sub and its getting old. I don't want an online relationship.

What I dread the most is posting the ad again and going through this again. I met so many mean men who really hate women. Also there are not many ads on there someone like me, so most of them will know it is me again.

Dating sucks, lol! What I need a submissive matchmaker.

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