I replied to "R" that the insecurities I can deal with (I enjoy that feeling). Being told what to do I can deal with. Everything you tell me to do I struggle with but enjoy, I like that you push me. Here's what I can't deal with, I said from the beginning that I didn't want this to be an online relationship. Its not that I expected you to jump right into things physically but I did expect to get to know you in person. How am I supposed to trust what you say if I don't know you.

His reply back was "Think that last week, I'd told you I wasn't feeling well @ all..and up to 1:15 am this morning..had very high fever, dehydration etc..all caused from food poisoning . So today trying to feel normal and start eating again..not much luck though. I read and understand what you wrote and your feelings...Will only say that sometimes things get out of balance..due to life...or as they say, shit happens.....that none of us can control. Sometimes people just need to have patience in attaining what they desire. BUT, did just [ now] decide that I no longer have an interest in pursuing you as a sub...Wish you the best.

I wished him the best and thanked him for the experience. I have no bad feelings and am glad we were able to come to a decision benefits both of us.

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