The emails that "R" sent to me were engaging. Where other men were totally disgusting, he was able to talk about himself, his life and still write things to me made me want to answer him, honestly about EVERYTHING. Since Oct 26th we have exchanged 103 emails and during this time he has shown he is a gentleman and is able to talk about subjects without being disgusting. Somehow I have become enthralled with his mind and I look forward to the next email with anticipation.

It has been almost 2 weeks since we started corresponding and his emails haven't trailed off and he hasn't been demanding. He has however been very commanding and I have found myself wanting to do what he asks of me. He has asked me on certain days to wear a skirt, high heels and no panties. I have never met "R" and he has never made a promise of meeting me, but I feel this overwhelming sense of wanting to please him.

When I do as he asks and he praises me, it feels like warm water pouring over my body. I know he is manipulating my mind but I love it and I want more. Most days I feel dazed, confused and uncertain - all thought he has told me are normal but i also feel more complete than I ever have.

Every suggestion he makes sticks in my head and when I'm out they pop in my brain. I think about what he said and it makes me smile and it makes me wet. I have been walking around wet for the last 2 weeks, more than any other time in my life. The thing about it is that I don't get off on just doing what he has asked but more on knowing that he told me to do it and hearing about it makes him happy.

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