Empty Nest

Today I experienced what could only be described as the beginning of the empty nest syndrome. Now the holidays are hard enough when you don't have someone special in your bed, but on top of it my kids are growing up. Today we went and spent time with the family eating turkey and making fun of grandma because she forgot to turn on the oven, wondering why the food wasn't cooking. But then after dinner both of my kids decided they were going over to their boyfriend/girlfriends house. It suddenly hit me that soon they will both be gone and I will be here with my 2 cats. My faithful cats who love me and always want to be with me, as long as I feed them.

Usually the holidays bring a different set of challenges for me as a single woman, I tend to do stupid things during the holiday's. I get lonely and because I spend more than usual time unoccupied I think about men and then I take it a step further and reach out to them. Forgetting there is a reason that I didn't talk to them in the first place, tonight is one of those nights. So instead of doing something I will regret, I am writing about it. Then I am going to get a piece of pumpkin pie, go watch a movie (The Godfather) and stay away from the computer and phone. Wish me luck!

Tomorrow I am having lunch with "L", I hope he is who he says he is.

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