Ever since I was young I have always enjoyed reading, romance novels when I was a teenager, fiction, chick stories and now more than ever I enjoy reading erotica. After I started this blog I discovered other blogs of submissive's and Dom's, some good and some not.

Tonight I am woozy from reading Discerning Dom's blog, he is an amazing writer. More so I enjoy peeking into the mind of a Dom to see how they think, fascinating. They have such imaginations but that they are able to act on their thoughts is such a turn on. Their minds work so differently from a submissive, but put the two minds together and they work together in harmony even though one is considered stronger than the other. They each get off on the others thoughts and actions, the push and pull of each of them compliment each other. Even the cruelest moments can be done so with purpose for the submissive and she responds to being pushed,  finding happiness & satisfaction in the situation. While the Dom does the same. The thought of being used by a man with a mind like that is very powerful.

I say thank you to the man who takes the time to write their thoughts out and share them with me, words are very powerful and have always been a turn on for me.

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