I remember watching the movie Geisha and I was fascinated with the way they prepared the Geisha for her to pleasure her man. She was bathed in water filled with scents and rose petals by other woman below her. She was dried off, powdered, scented and make up was applied. The women then wrapped her in her kimono clothing of silk and beautiful colors. All of this was done in preparation for a man, but really it was her.

Getting ready for a man is an art not only for the man's pleasure but for the woman. As I was getting ready tonight for my first rendezvous with "R", I also bathed myself with beautiful scented silky soap, salt scrubbed the areas needed. Washed my hair, letting the water run down my body like a waterfall, enjoying each drop as it hit my skin. Toweling myself off very carefully to make sure I was dry and my skin was ready for lotion and body spray. Each layer is important in the process.

Applying my make up with great care, taking note on my eyes and lips. Dark eyes with heavy mascara and red pouty lips with a high gloss. Blowing out my hair so that it fell just right on my face. Applying the last scent of perfume to the hot spots of my body.

The outfit had been picked out hours ago in spite of the fact that I had no knowledge of where I was going. I only knew that I was dressing to please "R" and no one else. Stockings that went to the tops of my thighs, a black skirt, blouse that just enough to see through. The shoes were an issue of major consideration, did I wear the highest heels I had that didn't show enough of my toes, to show off my toe rings or did I choose a little lower heel that showed most of my foot? I will let you know what I chose later as I am writing this before I have decided which shoe will most please him.

I have chosen to wear only my diamond ring, the ring I bought for myself when I realized that no man in my past had been good enough to buy for me. I wear it proudly as a symbol to celebrate me.

I am calm and nervous to meet him. I have shared so much more with him than any man I have ever know. Will he accept me, will he want me, will I satisfy him, will we trust each other? All questions that are running through my head as I go to get dressed.

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