Good Morning Sir

The first text I received this morning made me smile and warm sensation flooded my body. Then came the phone call, the not knowing what he was going to do next. He asked me how it made me feel when he called. He asked me how wet I was, I told him a little. Then he said squeeze your pussy, squeeze harder. Are your nipples hard, yes I said because they usually are. Then he said squeeze your pussy again and again. Run your hand along your thigh like I would, open your legs wider and squeeze. "Sir" asked me if I wanted to cum and I replied yes, then he asked how badly would you like to cum - very badly "Sir".

I asked him if I could cum and he said yes, I explained to him that I would have to leave the computer where I was sitting and go into my bedroom, because there were people sleeping in the other room. He told me no, I was to stay in the chair and start rubbing my pussy. I could feel my wetness starting to seep through. He had me squeeze and rub until I begged him to let me cum, it happened very quickly. Which I was surprised by, actually I don't know why, he makes me wet and I get excited A+B=C duh! I guess I just haven't felt this way about anyone else. Anyway he told me I could cum and it was quick, hard and it felt great, what a terrific way to start the day. I love being under his control, calling when ever he wants to make me cum, makes me feel wonderful.

He asked me if I was enjoying the mental training he was giving me and I said what training, lol. He said think about how it feels when I call or text you, how does your body react, would you do anything for me? Oh my gosh he's right, he has me trained to react to him when he calls.

Then he asked if he could come over and start training today, we are still trying to work out the logistics. The thought of him being here makes me tingle all over, I feel breathless and dizzy at the thought of being touched by him today.

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