Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who has touched my life including family, friends and strangers. I am getting ready to bake a cake to bring to dinner tonight because my kids don't eat pie, weird. I woke up this morning at 3am, sometimes I wake up go to the computer and then go back to bed, one of the side effects from not having a man in my bed.

So I had been thinking (over thinking like I usually do) about my reply to "L". He had asked me about the responses from my ad. I had been completely honest with him but mostly about the more interesting ones, like the penis guy. So I wrote him about the more normal ones, like himself. I also told him that even though I was meeting other men, I wasn't just sleeping with them - I was just dating or flirting to the 10th power. I also mentioned that once I had made a verbal commitment to someone I was very faithful to that person.

He wrote back thanking me for my honesty and said he felt the same about faithfulness and honesty. "L" is turning out to be more interesting than I originally gave him credit for, but I need to calm down and take those baby steps before I just jump in (thanks Alisha).

Today we are going to my family's for dinner and swimming, ya got to love Fall in South Florida, no snow here. My brother told me where he is its like -15 degrees. Come on is that really a temperature, lol.

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