Is there such a thing as too much honesty?

This type of relationship (not encounter) has to be based on honesty for it to work (at least for me). I have had a couple of encounters and they were not satisfying because I wasn't able to give myself fully. So the man who had been pursuing me for a week, whom I found to be very attractive not only physically but mentally is going to break it off with me because I was too honest and it made him uncomfortable.

When I decided that I wanted to pursue a relationship with "K", after changing my mindset about only wanting to be in an LTR, I was completely honest with him. I understood the rules we had set down, I engaged in play with no holds barred determined to get out of this exactly what I wanted - to be controlled by a man both physically and mentally and enjoy it. No it wasn't a LTR, but I understood that, I was OK with that. The only thing I required was that I know who he was before I would let him in my home. Why on earth would I let a perfect stranger into my home where I live with my children? I am a slut but I will always be strong enough to protect myself and my children. Well it seems my total honesty freaked him out and now I am pretty sure I will be getting that email today breaking it off.

I don't understand was I supposed to lie? Is that what he wanted? Why wasn't he just honest and tell me to lie, LOL! Oh well, the man has skills he will find somebody else and so will I.

On a positive note I have received a few more emails since I went to bed (and have since gotten back up) that have some nice pictures, so there's always hope.

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