I just drove

I chose the higher shoes and the first pair of stockings had a hole in them, lol but probably in the end it doesn't even matter. We met at a bar, he had my club soda waiting for me - I love a gentleman. Although when I went in I wish I could have had a drink just to calm my nerves. He hugged me when I arrived so that immediately put me at ease (a little). He was more handsome in person that in his picture. I wasn't sure what to expect, after all the things he knew about me, but we just started talking about everyday stuff - kids, family, work, all the regular stuff. I was pleasantly surprised. The highlight of the evening was when he was walking back to the bar and found me taking off the waitresses necklace, he laughed. What can I say I'm just a friendly girl and girls can bond over anything shiny its in our DNA.

I can't say how he felt but I enjoyed myself, it was very easy. He even kissed me gently on the lips after he walked me to my car.  Now you might be saying but isn't that what "A" did, just give you a little kiss and the answer is yes. But "R" had given me so much more before and "A" never understood what I wanted otherwise he would have handled me differently.

I was so charged up after that, I just drove. I didn't go far, just enough to stop and pick up something for my son - cause that's what moms do. As innocent as that meeting was I have to say I am turned on. To think that he is the same guy I have been talking with is unbelievable. He was so "normal". This is the man who made me an orgasm over the phone, if he had reached between my legs tonight guaranteed I wouldn't have complained, but I am glad he didn't.

Now the fun begins, the waiting - its a girl thing. Did he like me, does he want to see me again, did he think I was pretty, does he think I am trainable to his tastes, all that usual stuff we always want to know after a first meeting. No matter what I am glad I was able to meet him. I will finish my punishment even with not knowing.

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