I said yes

As I was going into my shower I said yes...to what "R" wanted with no idea what so ever of what was to come. I was getting ready for my meeting with a man of power at 12pm, exactly 24hrs after I submitted for "R's" pleasure to withhold touching my cunt or cumming.

I put on my makeup, heavy on the mascara and put on the new lip gloss I had bought. To please "R" I was wearing a short skirt, thigh high stocking, 4 inch heels and as usual no panties. I also had my nails/toes painted red and I was wearing my anklet. As I was getting ready I wondered what was awaiting me on the computer, so as I dashed out the door I peeked quickly.

"R" wanted me to call him tomorrow at a time to be specified and I was to introduce myself in a creative way. For his pleasure he told me that he was extending my withholding time but that with his permission I would be able to touch my cunt while I was speaking to him.

I gulped and went out the door, soaking wet. I was already primed for this meeting and now I had this in my head. As I am driving the car vibrates, something I never realized because I could feel my cunt vibrating against the seat the entire ride up and back. Then  as I was driving I kept thinking about something he had asked me a while ago, would you masturbate while you were driving down I-95. Yes I would do it to please him.

I was ushered into a very large conference room with the chairman of the board. I noticed that even though he told me several times he was married that he couldn't help but look at my lips. He was very sly about it, but I still noticed. While I was talking with him, I had to work hard to stay focused on the task and not think about the fact that I so wet. I am talking a puddle, I was sure I had stained my skirt and because the heels were so high I had to walk slowly across the floor so I wouldn't slip on the marble. After I was done and was back in my car, I saw the email that "R" had sent asking me if he had given me a lot to think about - he had no idea.

I didn't even mention the black man who ran to catch the elevator, I looked him in the eyes and then at his crotch. He got very flustered as he tried to find out who I was and who I was there to see, turned out to be his boss.

I feel nervous and excited, I hope that I please him with my introduction, so that I can prove to him I am ready to be used by him for his desires.

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