In the mirror

After I spoke with "Sir" I stayed in a high arousal state pretty much the rest of the day. If wasn't thinking of him then I was thinking of what he said he was going to do to me.

"C" emailed me, told me he had a blind fold with my name on it and did I want to get together, what a loser. Then "J" emailed me another boring one line email, how was your thanksgiving. Oh yes he is really a go getter, lol.

Late this afternoon I was shopping at Target, when "Sir" text me asking me if I was wet. I told him yes, but only mildly. He told me to squeeze my pussy hard, which I did as best I could at the store surrounded by holiday shoppers.

Then he told me to go to a full length mirror and take a picture of myself and send it to him. He kept texting me and just as I pulled in the driveway, his message read - pull over, call me and cum on the phone while you are describing it to me. I think he knows how much I hate describing to him over the phone and he makes me do just to torture me, plus he gets great enjoyment from it. After I told him I was home he demanded I go into the bedroom and do it. I took off my pants and dialed the phone, lying back against the pillows. I felt naughty and good all at the same time. I told him what I was doing and I started rubbing my clit, surprisingly I was instantly on my way to another orgasm, I really didn't think it would happen that fast and I had been dreading the call.

I could feel myself just about ready and I asked for permission to cum and he said NO! What?! He said I want you to pinch both of your nipples, so I slipped them out of my bra so they were peaking out the top. I pinched and that nearly sent me over the edge, because I love to have my nipples played with. I am pretty sure with the right guy I could cum just with playing with them, maybe. So after I pinched he told me I could cum, so I placed my hand back on my pussy. A couple of strokes and I was cumming harder and longer than I did yesterday, very intense. I can still feel my pussy vibrating and my hands are shaking. I was then to take a picture and send it to him immediately. This time he didn't even speak to me, so just knowing he was listening was all I needed. This is the start of something very wonderful, I can feel it.

Afterwards I layed down and all I could think about was wanting "Sir" to fuck me for his pleasure and put his hands on me. I came for his pleasure but it didn't satisfy the need I am feeling for him.

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