"L" has been emailing with me for the past several days. He says he has limited experience with the Dom/sub relationship but wants to learn and expand himself. A brief relationship he was in was where he begin his dominance, but I would imagine that it was always there and I will be curious to find out how it came about. He comes off very confident but caring at the same time. I haven't come across this combination, it will be interesting to meet him on Friday. He is divorced and his wife was an alcoholic, ultimately what ended there marriage. I believe he has 2 grown children and he has only been down here for several months.

He questioned me about my past relationships especially focusing on when I had been submissive. Some of his questions really brought back painful memories. I know that I have to be totally honest with him and that it will ultimately bring us closer together, if we were to go forward. He seems to have a humorous side and a wicked side (of course), which came out during several of our exchanges. One of his pleasures is a deep eye connection, which will be interesting since I have a tendency to look away. We seem to have some things in common which will be good, I think that this might be better than I originally thought - with him being 30 min away I was concerned that it might not work out. "L" told me to wait and see how things go, so that is what I am doing. I am looking forward to our Friday lunch at Chili's - well maybe just the meeting not the food, lol.

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