Lunch with "L"

I am nervous about lunch today with "L". I was doing OK until I started to think about what I would wear and then I looked at my nails, quickly I made an appointment at the salon. Also feeling bloated after Thanksgiving dinner, blah! I am really praying that he is everything he has presented to me via email, but I also need to remember to calm down and take it slow.

Well "slow" fell to shit as I found myself on his couch while he had my shirt and bra off, no panties, skirt pushed up and he was spanking me. LOL! I am such a slut. We had a nice lunch, enjoyable company and some discussion about his experience. He invited me back to his house and I went. I honestly didn't intend to go back but in the back of my mind I thought you know this will probably amount to nothing because of logistics and I was curious about how he would make it happen. I also thought that this was no different than sleeping with a guy on the first date, woman do it all the time so why should I.

Well we didn't sleep together, for that I was grateful. But we did have some fun, to help me relax he gave me a shot of a chocolate liquor (it didn't so much help me relax but it was fun and yummy). Then after we talked for a while, he asked me if I was wearing panties and I said yes. He said would you take them off if I asked and I said yes. Then he asked if he could restain my hands with a belt, I said yes (a common theme for today). After he restrained me, he took the end of the belt and began spanking me with it. He bent me over the couch, lifted my skirt and hit a little harder. I liked it and he started hitting my cunt and playing with me. Then he put his fingers inside me and fucked me. Before I could cum he pulled out and had me on my knees sucking his cock (nice size). He hit me some more (which I really enjoyed and I can still feel the stinging on my ass), played with my cunt and had me suck his cock. He ended things by cumming on my face. We sat for a little while and he petted me, which was nice because I needed that to help me calm down. We got dressed, asked me if he could call me again and I left. He didn't walk me to my car and I thought that was a little shitty. He was not a good kisser and he wasn't as confident in person as he was when we had spoken, both were a disapointment. I really like a man who is dominating and he definately was not that, he could never play with my mind the way I want and have experienced with some others. Also his inexperience showed, he was sort of all over the place and didn't show a lot of control.

It was an experience being used but wouldn't see him again. I thought he had a combination I was looking for but it turns out he didn't. Not like "K" he got to me immediately email, phone calls, text and then in person. He kept me interested and aroused all through out, his confidence was so intoxicating when we were at Starbucks, it was hard to say no. I don't know if I will be strong enough if he contacts me again.

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