Make it count

This posting has nothing to do with my actual journey, but more about remembering why I decided to take it.

Every month I have the opportunity to work with cancer patients in the ACS program of Look Good Feel Better. This program gives patients the opportunity to sit with beauty professionals to learn how to deal with the changes their bodies are going through. When they walk into the session I always take care to remember how they looked, their demeanor and over all attitude. We go over everything from skin care, make up, wigs and everything in between. As the time ticks by you can just see them changing and when we are finished everyone is smiling, laughing and just enjoying life. The feeling of satisfaction I take away from this is more than money could ever buy.

The lesson they always help me remember is live your life the way that makes you happy because you never know whats around the corner. Love you children, your family and make the little moments count.

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