Mental Collaring

While I was driving home this morning I imagined a lot of things, my meeting today, laundry, the email or phone call ending my relationship with "Sir" but never did imagine I would end up face down on my bed basking in the glow of four orgasms and cum dripping out of me. I guess you just never know where life will lead you.

Last night after I woke up at 1am because the electricity had gone off, I posted about honesty, I truly believed that "Sir" was going to end things with me. So this morning when he called I knew this was it, this was the call. I thought about not answering but I was curious about what he was going to say, how he was going to end it. His commanding voice wished me a good morning, telling me he had read the email I sent him before I went to bed last night.

I enjoy your company and everything you have to offer.
There is nothing I can say to make you believe me and if you don't want to be in this that is ok, after all we both agreed that we could call it off anytime. But I can tell you if you decide to go forward when we are together I will be enjoying myself, getting into it and I will expect you to hold me, pet and become intimate and I will reciprocate the same.
I am very honest about my feelings and if you can't handle that then please just let me know and it will be over.
Regardless I am going to open myself up to you, this link below is my public blog that I have been recording my journey that I started on October 1st and is a recount of everything I have been through.
This has everything that I think and feel - it is honest and upfront, just like me. You can enjoy it and still go your own way doesn't matter to me either way.

I was pretty sure that if he wasn't freaked out enough the line about expecting him to hold me, pet and be intimate would be the clincher. I felt him hold back the other day, like he was afraid to get to close to me afterwards and he confirmed that later when he said that he thought I would become addicted to him. I had to be totally honest, I have been in too many relationships where things were never said and feelings were pushed aside and I decided when I started this I didn't want that if only for me.

Anyway he called this morning and said he had read it and he felt better about us, WOW I was totally taken by surprise and it made me wet (such a slut). He asked me what I was wearing, now since I was still tired from getting up in the middle of my sleep I had gotten back into bed, naked. I love being naked in bed, I have high thread count sheets that I really enjoy rolling around in. He wanted to know if I was wet, so of course I had to reach down and feel my pussy. I explained that yes I was wet and he had me grab my pussy, then smack my pussy several times, it felt wonderful having his voice in my ear. Not as wonderful as if he were doing but I imagined that it was him. This went on a few times and then I was to rub my pussy, my legs spread. I begged him to cum and being the generous man that he is he said yes. But he didn't let me stop there I was to pinch my clit and nipple and continue doing it over and over. All the time "Sir" is talking to me and things seem to be flowing a little easier for me today as far as conversation, I must be getting used to him. He told me to open my legs wider and all I wanted was to feel his cock inside me. Now at this point I can't tell you where the second orgasm ends and the third begins, all I know is I went from one to the next. Begging him to let me cum each time. When I didn't think I could go anymore, he had me roll over on my stomach and rub my pussy. 

Being on my stomach with the fan overhead blowing down on my back, so exposed is very erotic. He told me as I rubbed to imagine him standing over me, his big hard cock inches from my face. Then he told me he was rubbing my ass and I begged to cum again, but he said no. When he says no my brain jerks to attention wondering whats going on. He told me to keep rubbing but that I wasn't aloud to cum. He was touching my ass and then he slipped a finger inside me, I moaned loudly wanting to cum more. I felt like I could feel him behind me, his voice in my ear - gives me chills just writing it. It gets a little fuzzy but I almost came unglued begging him to let me cum, telling him I wanted to feel his cock inside me and begging some more. He must have said yes because not only did I cum again, but I almost fell off the bed and I definitely dropped the phone. I have never cum 4 times in a row and never more than once or twice by my own hand. He told me I was a good girl and calmed me down.

As my head started to clear he asked me when I wanted to be trained again, Thursday I said because I knew he was busy to next two days. He said we'll see, I may just have to see you today. Then he wanted to know if he asked me to go out and pick up a man or woman and sleep with them would I, I couldn't speak. I didn't feel safe enough, I didn't have an answer. He adjusted the question to if I were with you would let a woman lick your pussy and I said yes. I would do it for him. He asked me if I had enjoyed being mentally collared, I thought about it for a second and laughed, he was right I had been mentally collared by him. After we hung up I lay on the bed on my stomach just enjoying the feeling of being used for "Sirs" pleasure.

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