More Responses

So I got about 20 more responses to my ad today (more are coming in as I write this, all I need is one) and all I can say is OMG. What are men thinking when they send me a picture of their penis?? So far I have gotten 4 and out of that there was only 1 that was even good looking. They could do better engaging my mind than showing me what they've got.

"R" had a great picture, he lived in Jacksonville and West Palm Beach, but couldn't hold a conversation to save his life. Some of these guys are so boring, I clearly state in the ad that I am looking for a mental challenge.
"DJ" sent me picture of all his equipment and toys. Stating that he was trained in the house of geisha by masters. I'll bet he has a dungeon in his garage.
"G" nice picture, looks like a decent guy - lets see how it goes. Turned out to be a switch, just beginning to be a dominant. I don't want to try that again.
"J" nice picture, looks good - emails have begun. Seems to have a sense of humor.
"A" nice picture but his email sounds a little fishy, like a spam.
"R" older man, unsure of his age. Waiting for reply.
"K" little young 36, waiting for picture.
"M" this guy keeps emailing me everyday saying why don't you just pick me I am the real thing, why do you even keep looking? Give me a break. He tells me I am being very foolish. Then he writes back I am taking control of this call me RIGHT AWAY, lol!
"T" wants me to send a picture of my butt to him - I will get right on that.

I have found that men go one of three ways, mention they are dominant right away - go overboard and mention that they are way dominant or they don't mention it at all (that's the frustrating one, then I have to pull it out of them).

On another note, I was wrong I heard from "Sir" today twice, he called once and I missed it then he called back tonight. He is worried about my checking into his background (which is not different that any other guy I would date and let in my house) he is afraid I am going to become addicted to him. I told him if he's not into it that I would understand and that trust is the basis for this relationship (both ways). I am not going to try to convince him, either he wants it or he doesn't. Everybody has to feel comfortable. I loved what he did to me and I think that he is confusing my getting into it for something else or he wants a way out. He has to know that I am going to enjoy everything he has to offer otherwise what's the point? Right?


  1. seriously -- we don't want to see an unsolicited picture of your penis

    even if we plan to view it up close and personal

    we don't need to see it yet



  2. OMG I just got a picture of a HUGE one, LOL!