Nipples and Collars Oh My

Just as I came out to write this I received an email from "R", saying he was sorry about yesterday. Asking me to make sure I wore mascara (thick) starting today, something I usually wear but I will make it thicker. I also re-read his previous email and saw that he wanted me to wear lip gloss over my lipstick, so I will need to go to the store later today. "R" also mentioned again that IF he ever owned me I would be getting my nipples pierced, something I have always been curious about. But the thought of the nipple stretchers is enough to send my brain into overdrive. Just thinking about walking around with hard nipples like little pyramids on my chest makes my heart race. He also said that I would be brought there in a collar and that they would understand. Little does he know that I would also understand and that it is something I have always wanted.

I want to share my new blog with him, but I feel like I shouldn't because I don't want this to stay as an online relationship. Even though he said we will meet, I still have some doubt. I get the feeling he's having too much fun with the online thing, something I didn't want to continue. But I couldn't stay away from him and even when I told him he somehow managed to pull me back in.

The pull on me is weighing heavy, not being able to share it with him and show him how much I want this.

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