November 5

November 5

This is the beginning of my transformation from being ordinary to extraordinary. "R" told me to wear red lipstick and red polish on my fingers and toes. He also told me some of his rules IF I were to ever become his - never wear panties, pants or flat shoes when I was with him. He said that he doesn't like to have to work at getting to what is his. He also told me that I would have to blog about my experiences (IF he were to ever own me) and even asked me to start but I decided that I needed to wait until after we met.  Even though if asked me again I probably would, but he doesn't have to know. Just the thought of belonging to someone is so intoxicating to me, it is exactly what I have always wanted.

Maybe someday I will find someone to collar me and give me their rings.
The other thing I have dreamed of is finding a relationship and being branded with their mark.
A small tattoo behind my neck that only he can see and know that I am his.

I never thought I would like red but its growing on me. I am enjoying the fact that I did it for him, makes me feel all warm inside. LOOK me in heels everyday, no panties and red lips!

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