In between placing this ad I was still also active on my regular dating sites. On one in particular bigandbeautiful I had been talking with "P". He had smiled at me and I loved his profile so much that I couldn't resist emailing him. His profile was smart, witty and he was definitely good looking. Now I should at this point tell you I am no petite little angel, I am a Big and Beautiful Woman. My weight has been something of an issue all of my life, I go up I go down. Now at the age of 44 I have decided that as much as I would like to have more control of it, it is what it is and I'm not going to let it rule my life.

Back to "P", as we were exchanging emails I could tell things were heading down the path of the dating cycle - emails, meeting, dating, blah blah blah. So before I let it go any further I decided to be up front with him because after all, I had dated guys before, been married, dated more guys and I was never able to find someone to satisfy my needs. Anyway I told him, I am a sexual submissive -  if you don't know what that is look it up, if you have never been with one then run the other way. I was being very honest because I don't like to hurt people, its just not necessary. Low and behold turns out he knew what it was and asked me about BDSM and how far into it I was, wow I was surprised. He was a dominant, not in a relationship, liked and accepted submissiveness and he had a great sense of humor. Jackpot!!

There was just one little problem, he lived in Orlando about 3.5 hrs away. But he really captured my attention with his writing and his sense of humor that I decided to keep him in the mix, because I am of the thought you just never know whats around the corner.

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