The Ad

Posted Oct. 25th
My ad was very simple:

Big Beautiful Woman submissive looking for a LTR.
Honest Single Caucasian Serious men for safe sex only.
I am looking for an emotional connection not a one night stand,
so things will need to start off slow.
Please send picture and tell me about yourself.

I received well over 60 replies with all types of responses, I was shocked!

Most of the responses didn't send pictures, some were too old or young and some were just gross. Remember I had only been involved in "vanilla" relationships and even though I wanted to make this a part of my life I still wanted the civility of starting a relationship. Most of the responses I just ignored or politely turned down, especially the really young guys because it was to close to my son/daughters age group of friends. Also the really old men, I felt bad for them still alone at their age.

Some I did start corresponding with some but then they fell out of favor when they became to forward without even getting to know something about me, they seem to weed themselves out of the running. I did discover that men do not take rejection well. They can be just as spiteful as women and one man even had my ad flagged because I didn't want him. So my ad didn't last long and I waited a few days to re-post.

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