There were several responses that caught my eye. One from "C" who I ended up meeting and discovered he was really full of himself and very aggressive. But the one thing that really annoyed me was he laughed after every sentence and it drove me nuts and I'm somebody who enjoys laughing. I don't know why but I always thought the man I would be with would be more well rounded with emotion. I did sleep with him and I did enjoy it but I knew it would never be a relationship that I wanted. He called me after our date but then he missed our second date and didn't call so I sent all his calls to voicemail and deleted all the emails he continued to send. I will not put up with bad etiquette.

The second one was "A" an older man who seemed to say all the right things and seemed to really know what I was searching for, he had been in several relationships similar. We went out of dinner, desert and some live music. I had a nice time and enjoyed his company and I definitely think he could be someone to "cut my vanilla teeth on" but he wasn't quite what I was looking for. He was nice but didn't have the commanding presence I wanted, he barely kissed me after the date. I was disappointed but I did go out with him again but he was even less aggressive but not in a way that let me know he wanted me. I still don't even know what the heck he wants.

There were a couple of possibilities that I didn't totally commit to date but kept their emails as a back up because they weren't quite what I wanted but I didn't want to totally eliminate. Then a couple called me "another flake on CL", if they only knew they just didn't have what it took to get my attention. Anyone can think they are dominant but its truly a gift and not everyone has it.

The third man was "R", he replied with an email that showed he was a gentleman and included a picture. His emails included a little personal information about him and I loved that he really asked me questions and seemed to read my responses. I found that not many men can correspond very well which usually translates to no communication in person. He eased me into sexual talk very gently and I appreciated that, I was intrigued, there was something about his emails that kept me responding back.

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