Responses Part 2

1. "K" very handsome, very aggressive - already spoke to him on the phone (very persistent) and will be calling back tonight, we'll see.  Very confident, really tried to use his voice to seduce me. Wants to meet after the holidays. He is not forthcoming about himself, so I need to be careful.
2. "L" handsome, little older and further away than would like, meeting him for lunch on Friday. Unfortunately out of all the restaurants in our area he chose Chili's, really?
3. "J" who tells me a dominant because he owns his own business and doesn't put up with any shit - yeah he scares me so I'm going to just ignore his emails. He wrote back asking me why I didn't reply right away, obviously I didn't know what dominant meant.
4. "J" the hockeyguy who tells me he is a dominant because he loves to be in control. A man of few words or he doesn't like to type, either way he doesn't have my attention right now.
5. "J" very handsome and distinguished, looking for happiness - we'll see. He turned out to be I think a spammer of some kind and very religious.
6. "T" who had responded to my last ad, I almost went to dinner with him, a little older than I want but maybe thats the way I should go, who knows?

*others that responded aren't worthy of a mention
Also there is a guy who responded to my first ad keeps emailing me, this was a guy who asked me to send him naked pictures and then said when can you "cum" over - oh yes very cute, just what I want lol!
*Where is "P" for conversation?

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