The stool

"Sir" called me this morning much to my surprise, he had told me that I wouldn't be speaking with him today.  He wanted me to recount my orgasms in detail, all I kept thinking about was - oh my god I can't remember everything I was so in the moment and I was worried my account would disapoint him. So I started it off with a disclaimer of sorts.

Dear Sir,
Thank you for allowing me to cum last night, twice. I don't remember the exact details of this event, not because I didn't enjoy it but because I was in the moment.
I remember you calling and speaking with me, at some point you asked me to squeeze my pussy through my pants. This request was asked of me several time, each time harder and harder. I remember you telling me to close my bedroom door so that I could touch my pussy. After closing the door I unzipped my pants, you asked me to spread my legs and to do that I needed to take off my pants. As they slipped to the floor I layed back on the bed, my legs hanging over the side. I opened my legs and slipped my hand down to my pussy and letting you know how wet it was. This is where the first orgasm and the second get all jumbled up for me. I know you told me to rub my clit and remember being so wet that my fingers just slid around. I remember hearing your commanding voice in my ear telling me what to say and do, but i couldn't really tell you what was said. All I know is when I asked you if I could cum I felt right on the edge and I don't know what I would have done if you had said no. But you didn't you said yes and I felt that warm feeling wash over me. I also remember you asking me if I was OK, I loved that. After we hung up I layed on the bed just thinking about you and remembering the way you made feel when we had met. The feelings I had were so intense that it took all my strength to leave and even more when you kept calling & texting me. Yesterday I wrote in diary that I felt like you had esp, like you knew exactly when to contact me. I was so vulnerable yesterday and I was so happy when you didn't take no for an answer.
Anyway you called back to my surprise, I was still lying in bed with my hand on my pussy. I am not sure how but you told me to squeeze my clit, harder then harder again. I could feel myself becoming aroused more. Then you told me to squeeze my nipple. From then on I didn't let go of my nipple and clit, squeezing harder and harder as you spoke to me. Again I can't remember what you said, I just remember hearing your voice in my ear - I had propped the phone up so I wouldn't have to hold it.
**at this point I should mention we just hung up and I am extremely wet,my clit is throbbing, I'm dizzy and its hard to focus**
You encouraged me to squeeze my clit harder and as a reaction I squeezed my nipple at the same time. You asked me if I wanted to cum and I said yes, I asked for permission to cum. I am guessing you said yes because I felt the wave of release wash over me. Again you asked me if I was OK, thank you. Then you asked me for a picture of what I looked like afterwards. There was a knock on the door and I had to get dressed quickly before i could take the picture.
Thank you

He called me while I was typing, made me excuse myself and go into the other room to tell him how wet my pussy was. I went into the bathroom and sat on my make up stool, as I was speaking to him my eyes were closed and I was imagining him there with me. Now I didn't realize this until he pointed it out to me during our conversation. He had me squeeze my pussy and keep doing it, I could feel myself getting more excited. There is something about his voice that can really send me over the edge. I know sometimes I frustrate him because I am so quiet and he has to encourage me to speak. Then when I do talk my mind try's to focus because I was forgetting to say "Sir" and I don't want to do that anymore. I feel like a child being scolded when he reminds me. Between him having my squeeze myself, that commanding voice and my mind trying to focus - I am everywhere and nowhere. He told me I couldn't cum and now I keep thinking about that because right now an hour after I spoke to him, I am still wet. I am such a slut, I would do anything for him right now.

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