Today I made an appointment with a new girl "A" to get sugared, an alternative to waxing. I found "A" online and she and I had a wonderful conversation this morning. Turns out we were both involved with my former waxer on a professional level and were both professionally screwed by her as well. So in the midst of looking for another hard waxer I came across "A", when I was speaking to her on the phone a comment she made on the phone led me to believe that she might gay or bi sexual, just a feeling.

So I went for my appointment, she was a couple of years younger than me, slender, reddish/black hair and very friendly. We went into the room and instead of stepping out she just waited for me to pull up my skirt and lie down on the table, so I obliged. She uses a process called sugaring instead of wax. This is done with a candy like substance that is rolled out on the skin and pressed down by hand. Using this process instead of wax was a very physical experience, because each part of the wax has to be pressed down, in every nook of skin. She took her time chatting about herself and our experiences with "J". Of course I imaged her and I pressed up against each other rubbing our cunts together, you watching from the corner.  She was extremely thorough, no hair left behind or at least that's how it felt. When it was time to do my ass, she had my lie on my stomach with my legs slightly apart. Using the ball of sugar she began to work her way around my ass and right into the hole, pressing each time with her fingers. I could feel her finger almost go inside of me several times, no lie.

As I lie there on my stomach, we talked about dating and I asked her if she had a boy/girl friend or significant other, she replied no. But that one of her male clients had asked her out. When she was finished with my ass, she moved down to my leg where I am peeling from a very bad sunburn. She began peeling my skin off, I asked her if she was having fun - she said she couldn't resist. When I was leaving she gave me a hug and told me to keep in touch. Still not sure, lol.

Afterwards I received an email from "R" telling me that I needed to stay perfectly groomed everyday and that I would probably have to give up waxing for shaving. I am a little sad because I would definitely go back to her again, but my obedience to "R" is much more important. I definitely don't want to be punished again. His email started off Hello Slut, when I read that I get such a rush - and telling me about how he will be using a credit card on my cunt to make sure I am smooth...such a turn on.

PS as much as I enjoyed her "company" upon inspection I am not satisfied with the results. I still like hard waxing better, much smoother.

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