OMG I am going to explode! I want permission to touch myself so bad. I can't even hear anything the buzzing is so intense and the throbbing in my clit is so powerful, I can barely breath. My hands are shaking.

This morning "R" put in my head to look at other women and think about what it would be like to be with them. It wasn't until I was with with my friend and we were giving each other facials that it kicked in, big time. I was laying on the table letting her give me my facial and then I did her. When we switched again and I was back on the table to play with the false eyelashes. All of a sudden she was touching my face and leaning over me and I felt that urge for her to touch me all over. This is my friend and I have never thought that way, but really it could have been any woman because "R" wanted it.

I love to be touched, the hair salon, massages, facials, waxing, it doesn't matter where. The feeling of other people touching me has always been enjoyable. This takes it to a whole new level of consciousness.

When I was arriving at her house, her husband came to say hello and I know from past experience with him that he definitely appreciated the red lips. I know what he thinks about!

As I was leaving my friend, I received a text from "R", he has a way with timing. Asking me if I was feeling light headed, oh was I! Then he told me it gets more intense when you are owned and you have no control over what happens, that just made me more light headed and wet. He then told me I was made for this and this emotional feeling came over me and I wanted to cry, from happiness but all I could do was say thank you.

Then he asked me if I wanted to masturbate and what if I needed more denial, I told him yes I wanted to masturbate and I would do whatever he wanted (makes me wet just typing it). I didn't think it could feel anymore intense but another wave just shot over me. Then he told me he was sitting next to a curvy butch woman and said I'll bet she loves a strap on, he told me the idea of another cunt make me wet. Yes it does because he suggested it and I know he would enjoy seeing me with someone else, I would do it for "R". OMG, so dizzy and fucking wet! Its been over 48 hrs and I still have 4 hrs to go.

PS I am finding myself so involved in what "R" wants from me that I don't need to think, I like that feeling.

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