I am feeling anxious, almost like I am drowning and I can't focus. Plus I am absolutely exhausted. So I have decided I can't worry about what he thinks anymore, because there will be no peace for me tonight. Do you think he does this on purpose? Does he really know how I feeling or is just all in my head? Could you imagine if I let him read this blog and know my inner most thoughts, what he could do to me...mmmm.

I have this overwhelming feeling of wanting to be fucked hard, used by him.  I can feel my clit pulsing as I lay in bed watching TV. I need sex, like I have never needed it before. I blame it all on "R", if he hadn't put it in my head I would have been fine without it.

I have an appointment tomorrow at exactly the 24 hr mark, an appointment with a very powerful men. I am going to bring my new look with me, skirt, heels, red lipstick & polish and thigh high stockings. I feel sexy just talking about it.

If I were to never hear from "R" again, at least I have this wonderful new way of thinking about myself. So thank you to him for opening my eyes.

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