Training begins

I spent the morning wondering what it would be like to have him here in my bed. I fretted over what to and what not to wear, I ended up going with a camisole, bra, lace panties and short skirt. On top of me being all worked up about pleasing him, he calls me to let me know he's on the way. I don't know how far or when he will be here. Then he made me tell him how worked up I was, was I wet. As I leaned against my closet door, my eyes closed and my body curled up. He kept asking me what I wanted him to do and when I didn't answer quick enough he snapped at me. I shut down and I told him I couldn't do it. I guess he heard it in my voice because he told me to take a deep breath and calm down. Then he said what is going through your mind? I told him that talking made me uncomfortable and it pushed me somewhere I don't feel comfortable, he said but you like being pushed don't you? I said yes. I know by telling him that he now knows my achilles heel, I feel so vulnerable.

I am to greet him properly at the door - pull him in against the wall and kiss him like I want to be kissed. He asked what was my reaction to that and I told him I didn't feel comfortable having control. He said I wouldn't have it for long. I am feeling so dizzy that I can barely think, I am scared, excited, nervous, overwhelmed.

20 min later
He knocked on the door, dressed in his dress shirt and dress pants because he was at work. He came in pulled me to him and grabbed the back of my neck and said in my ear You are my good girl, I think I would have melted onto the floor if he hadn't backed me up against the wall. He reached under my skirt and put his hand on my pussy. He asked where I would like to be trained and I led him to the bedroom. Before I could lock the door he pushed me up against the wall and pressed my face against it and told me to spread my legs. Still pushing me against the wall he pulled up my skirt and put his fingers in my pussy, they slid right in so I am guessing I was a little wet. He then grabbed me by the back of the neck and pushed my into the room and onto the bed. It gets a little fuzzy after that...I remember getting a smack on the ass and I remember him telling me to be quiet. I can still feel the stinging on my cheek. I am pretty sure if he had continued finger fucking me I would have cum on his hand but he stopped. Told me to get on the ottoman and as he stood over me, told me to touch my pussy like I wanted him to touch it. So I began to rub myself, I was wet. He sat down in the chair and he pulled down my camisole so he could pinch my nipples as I was rubbing myself. I am sitting on the ottoman legs wide apart, skirt up, panties pulled to the side, camisole down, leaning back he whispered in my ear to cum for him. I did gratefully, thank you "Sir". After I came he took my fingers and put them in my mouth so I could taste myself. When I was done he played with my nipples some more, I didn't tell him but if he had put his fingers in my pussy while he was pinching my nipples I would have cum again.

He told me I was too amped up to continue, so he had me take some deep breaths to relax. Then said that at any time he could flip my switch and get me off. We then talked again about the rules: I was to continue dating and looking for what I originally wanted, we could end it at anytime, no bringing in our personal lives, no calling him at night. I ask him have you received a call from me that wasn't requested and he said no, I think of it as following business etiquette. I could tell he was nervous about this relationship and I had to stop from laughing. He thinks I am going to go pyscho and tell his wife or someone in his private life. $10 says he tests me and waits a few days to call me. Really I could care less about them, this is just a path on my journey to finding what I really do want someone who will give it all to me. After that he left and went back to work leaving me happy but wanting more.

Its not the destination, its the journey...with all the twists and turns.

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