Always around the holidays I get myself into trouble, today I am remembering why that is. Everybody is busy and I have to much time on my hands, a lethal combination. I never heard back from "B", I guess my telling him that I was worried that his style of bedroom Dom wouldn't be enough of what I was looking for offended him because he never even responded. Even "P" who was just my conversation is busy with his family. Since I have eliminated "L" I am down to no runners up at the moment. So now I need to step away from the computer and focus on something else so I don't get into trouble. So I don't cave into "K" for just pleasure and now that I've had a taste of it that from yesterday I want more. "K" was just the right combination of mental and physical but I am pretty sure not honest about his current status, but man oh man it would feel good.

So now my goal is to get through the weekend and stay out of trouble.

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