What would you do...

Today has been interesting, my clit feels like it all swollen and I feel every thing. I can't seem to get my mind off of it and its only been 4 hrs. I don't usually care if I masturbate or not but now it's all I think about and I want to. This will be an interesting two days - Wed at 12pm to be exact :)

My anklet came today, its a gold flat link design (when I can I will replace it for something white gold) and its pretty. Hope the toe rings will be here soon.  I ordered a butterfly and one that looks like a chain.

Also received my thigh highs from HipsandCurves.com  those make me feel super sexy, can't wait to wear them without any panties.

I found this ad from Cartier's "What would you do for love" jewelry in a magazine today and something about just spoke to me. The bracelets with the red bands around them, very striking.

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