100th Post

This is my 100th post...no streamers or balloons just the satisfaction of knowing and gratefulness of being able to write down my feelings as I go through this journey. I appreciate the comments that have been made by my followers and the ever growing "lurkers" from around the world. I have come so far since over the last 3 months and have found a wonderful sense happiness that I always wanted but never knew how to get. I feel very grateful and am looking forward to a terrific 2011.

Things were so wonderful having "T" home and spending time together. We talked about New Years Eve and what we were going to do, we went from dinner out, dinner home, to would you feel weird peeing in front of me. It never ceases to amaze me the turns our conversations take, lol. "T" wanted to know because he was thinking ball gag, ropes and blindfold. I could see the wheels turning in his head but he wasn't sharing the details so I am not sure what to expect.

This morning my hand was grabbed and placed on his cock, after that I was told to get down and suck it. After he got hard he then told me to get on top. Now this is not my favorite position because I don't like it up there and I feel very exposed. So I looked at from a different approach, I looked at his him using me to get off, that I liked.

After that I was told to get back down between his legs. I am getting a little better with the gag reflex and have found that "T" likes for me to deep throat him, unfortunately I a complete mess by the time I am done. Snot running from my nose, tears streaming down my face but I didn't mind, actually I kind of enjoyed a little of the humiliation of it. I also liked when he grabs my hair and guides me to what he wants, all part of the being told what to do - its a real turn on. I felt like he was training me to do what he enjoyed and that made me happy. After our session this morning of me sucking him, he put his hand in my pussy and I was so turned on I came in what seemed like less than a minute. He did tease me just for a moment but it didn't seem to matter because I came anyway and hard too.

"T" also told me today that anytime we are together I can hold his cock, I don't have to ask and he would like me just hold it. I will add that to my rules page.

We also talked about nipple rings and clit rings and my interest in them. They are more of a curiosity than a want. Also on the agenda was the tattoo he wants to put on the back of my neck, something signifying hope.

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  1. On getting on top, My wonderful slut refused to get on top for over a decade. No matter how much I begged, no go. After our melt-down last August, I told her to just get on top and ride me, that she would enjoy the feeling if she gave it a chance. She had issues with feeling exposed too. Funny thing is, it's now her favorite position. She likes being able to make me cum that way. Makes her smile really big!!!