Bad Girl

"T" picked me up last night and off we went to dinner, Mexican. The only good thing was the company and the margarita. Afterwards he decided that we would go to the movies another night, which was fine with me. Earlier in the day I had wavered back and forth about a nap and had chosen coffee instead, so I was a little tired and would love to snuggle. We arrived at my house to find my daughter & 3 friends, plus my son and his friend - all doing their own thing which included playing their trombones at 10am. Yes my neighbors love me!

We said good night and went into the bedroom. I waited for "T" and when he was on the bed, I kneeled down beside him. I began rubbing him all over, feeling his soft skin against my hands. After doing this he took off his shorts and told me to get my lubricant, I was happy to oblige his pleasure. I began stroking his cock until it was hard and long, he asked me if I was wet - yes sir. He told me to rub myself as I was stroking him, as I began touching my wet pussy my head fell down and eyes closed. "T" snapped at me to watch him the entire time while I was touching myself (which is not as easy you would think). As I began to enjoy my own touch, he had me take my hand away and finish pleasuring him. Afterwards I cleaned him up and joined him in bed, he played with my ass as he channel surfed. We fell asleep not to long afterwards. 

This morning after hitting the snooze button several times, "T" had me lie on my stomach, I could hear him applying the lube to himself. I lie there wondering what he was going to do next. He got on top of me and began taking his cock and sliding it against my ass until he came all over my back. Telling me to not move, he then cleaned me up and we snuggled together. While we were lying together he reached down and began playing with my pussy. He teased me and as I got closer he stopped. I knew why before he said anything...the night before I had opened the car door twice. I was so excited to see him that I was a forgetful bad girl and he had told me I would be punished later. My punishment so far was not being able to orgasm last night or this morning. It's funny in previous relationships if I hadn't been able to reach orgasm I became frustrated and began to resent the other person. But I don't feel the same way because this is exactly what I wanted. I wanted someone to control what happens to me, where as before the other person never thought about what they were doing, "T" knows exactly what he is doing and how it is effecting me and I love it.

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  1. O, very nice - nothing like orgasm denial, is there?