The best gift

"T" got arrived at my door at 12am after driving for 12 hrs, it was the best feeling in the whole world to see him after 5 long days. I waited patiently for him to shower and then immediately he told me to kneel by the bed. He was so loving and wonderful, it felt good to be back in front of him. He removed my nightgown and then for the first time he let me suck his cock, I had held it but had never tasted it. I knew it would taste terrific and I was right. "T" lay back on the bed as I took him in my mouth, he was rock hard. After a while he grabbed a handful of my hair and began moving my head to the rhythm he wanted. Because of the angle I kept gagging, my eyes teared and my nose ran (just a lovely site). This continued on and off because I just couldn't stop gagging and just as he was about to cum, I pulled away because I couldn't breathe (bad timing), but I did take him in my mouth and taste his cum. I was disappointed in myself but determined next time I would do better. Afterwards I was still kneeling with my head resting on him leg, he pulled me up and asked me to join him in bed.

I don't remember what happened next, I know that he brought me to orgasm several times, pure ecstasy. I know I went to sleep happy to have him next to me. In the morning we slept in and at one point he woke up and took my hand and placed it on his cock as he kissed and fondled me. He looked at me and said do you know how much I want you - yes sir. Then I said I wanted him too, well that was all it took. He pulled me around (which I love, when he just grabs me and tosses me around to fit where he wants) and the next thing I knew he was inside of me. We almost made it to the 1st of January, but at the moment I didn't give a damn. I had "T" inside me, fucking me and it felt amazing!! So amazing that we did it 3 times before noon, each time better than the last. After the first time he had me suck his cock again and right before he was ready to cum, he pulled me back so he could fuck me again. I was just glad he gave me a second chance, this time I was over him so when he grabbed my hair I was able to relax as he fucked my mouth, only gagging a little this time.

We fell asleep again and when the alarm went off I had to get up to get ready to drive my son to his grandfathers. Who by the way called while I was sucking "T's" cock for the third time, as well as my mother. If they had listened closely they would have heard me. After the alarm I was supposed to get up and get ready but "T" had me in his arms. He began kissing me and squeezing my nipples. I have been concentrating on breathing through the pain when he plays with my nipples to see how much I can tolerate, it definitely helps and feels good. As the time ticked by he told me if I didn't get up he wasn't going to let me go, being the slut I am I didn't want to go. He pulled me into him and then began to fuck me again. Afterwards he still didn't let me go but instead opened my legs and brought me to orgasm about 4 times, the last one was extremely strong and long lasting. I made sure right before each one to ask for permission, I wasn't risking the paddle.  When I finally got out of bed, I had about 10 min to get ready and get out the door, which meant I was to walk around with "T's" cum and mine all day, just a reminder of a wonderful morning.

The order of what happened is probably off but what I do know is I missed him so much when he was gone and not waiting was to me was the best gift he could have given me - Thank you Sir.

Regarding the P.S. - "T" also told me that I was to remember that he loved me and didn't want to disappoint me. I told him that I was just surprised by what he had said and that it felt like he was trying to back away. I tried to tell him I didn't expect it to happen right away but that I was surprised how he went from soon to 3 years, after that I had felt that maybe I had spoken out of turn, assuming too much. I was prepared to pull back and guard my heart and just enjoy what we had. He told me that I hadn't spoken out of turn and that he was working on a solution. Last night when he showed up I pushed myself to forget about pulling back but instead I just focused on the time we spend together and only time will tell about the rest.

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  1. It sounds like your first time together was amzingly fun for both of you. Thank you for sharing such a passionate and hot day.