Best part

The best part of my day today was being with "T", listening to him talk about work & family issues and then just lying next to him so he could rest. I may have dozed off for a few minutes but mostly I just listen to him sleep, I like that he can cuddle up next to me and fall right asleep. Makes me feel like I taking away some of his stress by just being there for him.

Yesterday I had asked "T" to spank me before he left for holiday vacation. He told me he was going to use the paddle from his bag, he had never used it on me but I had seen it - a wooden cutting board with a handle. Needless to say I was a little nervous & turned on. He had me get undressed and kneel over the side of the bed while he rubbed my ass with the board. He used it on me a few times light, hard, light, hard - it hurt. Then he said he was going to give me 10 and I needed to count them off. He told me exactly how I was to count and if I messed up I would get extra. I was determined to count correctly so I focused entirely on that as the hits came, harder and harder. By the time the 10th one came I burst out crying, he had asked me later was it a release feeling or a pain feeling. I don't know the answer to that question, I know that I like the anticipation of the spanking, I like when he does it (no one has ever spanked me and turned me on the way he does) and I know the only reason I cried when I hit 10 was because it hurt so bad and I knew that was the end. Do I want to be spanked again - yes, I still think about the spanking I received in his office and how sexy it was to stand there bare bottomed in front of him while there were others around.

I also know that I don't like the paddle, its too big and covers to much and it made me feel like I was a wimp for not being able to take more. Later "T" told me that he may just use it for punishment, like for tonight when I put on my own jacket before we left. I was cold and I just put it on as I was getting dressed, but apparently that was a no no and I have earned myself 2 paddles. If I had confessed before he said something that it only would have been 1, they call that a life lesson. After he held me and comforted me, he said he was going to hit me with his hand and that this was for him and not because I had asked. I was to count again and as he did it I was OK, it hurt but because it didn't cover as much it wasn't as intense, I liked it better and I knew I could have taken more. Which is interesting because after my first spanking I didn't think I could take more, so maybe each time it gets better each time.

After he spanked me and as he was holding me, "T" he had me flip over because his cock was hard and he began to slide it against my ass until he came on my back. I love when he uses me for his pleasure and I would have been just fine cuddling with him, but then he began playing with my nipples. It began slowly but then it was like he had an epiphany and said that he was going to pinch my nipples very hard and kiss me at the same time. While we were kissing if it became to much I was to turn my head away and he would stop and move on to the next nipple and start again, this was to last through 2 songs. All I kept thinking was I hope he was listening because there was no way I would know how many songs had played. Oh yes and while all of this was happening I was to masturbate, here's where I should mention that I get very confused when I am trying to do everything I am asked. So while I did turn my head (or so I thought) apparently I didn't turn it enough, but because "T" knows me he knew what I was supposed to be doing (he thinks its cute when I get confused). After this went on for I don't know how long, he asked me if I was going to cum - no.

He stopped and reached between my legs and began finger fucking me, oh my god it felt soo good (as always). Then he was teasing just below my clit again, but came close enough for me to cum after I begged. Immediately after that he continued playing with me and I came again quickly, almost so quick that if he hadn't said it was OK right when I asked then I wouldn't have been able to stop myself. That would have gotten me 2 paddles. After he made me cum 3 times, he had me lick his fingers that were thick with my cum, probably the thickest I have seen. I asked him if we had made it through 2 songs and he said no because he wanted me to cum, so when I couldn't (because it was to overwhelming or I can't by my hand anymore - not sure yet) he stepped in to make it happen. We cuddled up after that and he was able to sleep for over an hour.

Before he left we went out to get something to eat. When we go out "T" always orders for me, I love it and I know that it confuses the staff but I don't care. I consider it respectful to look at him instead of answering the waitress/waiter/etc. it reminds me how important he is to my well being.

We talked about how this is the best Christmas for both of us, having each other in our lives felt so wonderful and even though we would be apart we were OK with it. I am so excited to have "T" in my life to start a new year with, it will be all the more special. I am very lucky.


  1. I see you now have a blog. I'm glad I found it. I look forward to reading about your journey to submission. I am definitely a follower who will look forward to seeing what you have to say.


  2. I looked again and see you've had a blog for awhile. I wonder why I never saw it before. When I looked at your profile, it never said you had a blog. Did you not have a link to it before, or did I just miss it?

  3. William,
    The answer to that question is because I didn't realize that it wasn't attached, but i have fixed that situation - so Thank you!