The blue box

"T" called me late last night and asked if he could stop by - yes. After I hung up the phone my mind started to wonder why he was coming over. I wondered if something was wrong, but I tried to focus on something else instead and waited for him to arrive. When he came in there was something behind his back, he said he wanted to give me my Christmas present early because he was going to be leaving for trip in a few days. In all fairness he did give me a choice of waiting, but when presented with a Tiffany's bag, really did I have a choice of waiting to open it, no.

I am very familiar, as most girls are with the blue box so I was very excited to open it. Inside was a silver necklace of a heart with a key hole. He had the key to my heart. I am so very lucky to have such a thoughtful man in my life and even though he won't be here for Christmas I think this is the best holiday I have ever had because I have someone so special in my life. I love you "T", thank you for being so wonderful.

After we cuddled he told me to get into my nightgown, I asked him if he was staying and he said no. I put on my nightgown and kneeled by the bed. He invited me to lie next to him (naked) and we woke up together this morning at 7am.


  1. oh how i love the blue box! ;-) Congrats!!


  2. How cool! The gift - and waking up with him there!