Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, 43 years ago my mother (biological) died, she had liver cancer and the night she was in the hospital the nurse didn't drain the tube and she passed away. My Uncles decided to write me an email to remind me that her loss was devastating to them. What they don't realize is that I knew that they in a way held me responsible for her death and were never able to be close to me as an adult. Their idea of a relationship is a card or emails at least once a year, Christmas. After their parents (my grandparents) passed away about 15 years ago, they broke off contact with me because I reminded them of my mother. It's not my fault I look like her, but they can't see past their own pain to realize that I am my own person. I tried to reach out to them over the years but gave up, so when they sent me the letter today to remind me of her death they really weren't writing to me, they were letting me know they still missed her deeply and that I would always remind them of her. I miss that I never got to know her, I had her in my life for 13 months and only know her through pictures and whatever I was told. Merry Christmas Mom, Grandma & Grandpa and even to Uncle Rich & Peter.

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  1. I am deeply sorry that they are unable to see past their own pain to see that they have lost the only thing that they have left of their sister.

    Blessings to you and yours this holiday