As you know I stopped all communication with others so that I may pursue an exclusive relationship with "T". Of course stopping is always easier for at least one of the parties than the other. Over the last few days I have been receiving phone calls from "K", only I didn't realize because I had them sent directly to voicemail. It wasn't until he sent an email asking me why I wouldn't accept his calls. These emails turned a little possessive today and so I sought the advice of a friend, someone who I confide in that would be neutral. "K" had been requesting a phone call just to talk even after I had told him things were over. The only reason I even communicated with him was because he knew where I lived. This last request had me a little freaked out and I almost took his call, then she reminded me how many times I had been on the receiving end of a breakup that I didn't get the resolution I had wanted. She was also worried that he may try to exercise his control over me, but what she doesn't understand about me (something I have had my whole life) is once I'm done, I'm done. This switch flips in my head and there's no going back, I used it with my ex-husband and several boyfriends. I think of it as a protection of sorts for my emotional well being, like a shield. So I sent him a final reply today and told him not to contact me anymore, that I was exercising the agreement we had of being able to end it whenever we choose to with no hard feelings. Ironically the one we put in place when he felt I would become addicted to him. I hope this is the last I will hear from him.

I also heard from "L" today, letting me know that he wasn't interested in a long term relationship but would like to play with me in the future. I told him I had found what I was looking for and wished him well. The others that had emailed me I just let drop after I deleted my ad. Hopefully that will be the last ad I ever have place.

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  1. You have to be a bit tough on this one. Once you tell them you're done -- you cannot turn back. Someone who pesters you will be encouraged by any contact

    any at all


    stand strong sister.

    and good for you -- see where this goes without distraction