For your pleasure "Sir"

I was doing alright after I had received my task, no cumming until I saw "Sir" and thinking about us and another woman. I was doing alright, the initial panic had mellowed and I was on my way out the door to a lunch date. "Sir" called as I was getting into the car, the call was a blur but there were two things that I remember - First "Sir" mentioned my thinking about my friend, having her over for lunch to see where things went. So now instead of it being just a random woman this person had a face, someone I knew. This has stuck with me all day because I don't want to think about my friend like that but now I can't stop. I have to say that most of the day I could feel the hysteria rising in the back of my throat every time I was reminded of it. "Sir" told me it greatly arouses him to think about it, you can see my dilemma. I can't stop the urge to please, I simply am not capable of it and at the same time I absolutely do not want to think of my friend naked and kissing me. "Sir" told me he didn't make me think about it, but he did and he knows exactly how it's effecting me and it brings him pleasure. So I sit her squirming with my throbbing clit, knowing I am pleasing him.

The second thing was "Sir" telling me that I made him happy or something like that. Now I have to say that when he told me my head was buzzing and the phone connection was a little off. But it took me by surprise when he told me he hadn't felt that way in a long time with someone and I choose to believe that he was being truthful. That makes my heart soar and I want to do anything for him (even knowing what he wants, I still want to please him). Now more than ever I want to see him, I want him to fuck me for his pleasure. Knowing he was so close by today was almost more than I could handle.

Still can't look at the emails that have filled my inbox, not ready.

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