Good Morning

This morning I was lying in bed thinking about being submissive and what it means to me. Being submissive is not just one feeling of being controled/used for sexual purposes, its a spectrum of many feelings and thoughts. I was thinking about how good it feels to be with "T", who accepts my submissiveness. To me it means sometimes I joke, tease and make cute comments. Other times I am quiet, wondering and shy. Sometimes I am a mother/friend and other times a lover/slut. In the past I have always felt the need to "perform" in bed and now I don't feel that pressure. Sometimes I go into my head and sometimes I express it out loud. Being submissive also means a feeling being peaceful and relaxed, the relationship between "T" and I brings that to me more than anything. I like knowing that he wants to protect me, take care of me and would never let anyone hurt me.  Knowing that he accepts me the way I am makes me want to please him even more because I know what we have is special and rare.

As I was lying in bed I received a phone call from "T" asking what I was doing - lying on the bed. What are you wearing - night gown. OK he says, I want you to reach between your legs and let me know when you are close. I mumble yes sir and he says - what? I repeat clearly yes sir. I start rubbing myself and usually in the past when I rub myself it usually take a couple of minutes to cum. After about 30 seconds I can feel myself getting close and I let him know and he asks are you sure you want to cum? I say yes sir, he says it doesn't sound very convincing. Now at this point I can feel myself really close as I am begging trying to sound more convincing, letting him know that I really want to cum. He tells me I can cum, I was shocked and happy. I finished cumming and now I'm all smiles as we finish our conversation.

After we hung up I thought about it, it's the control (that feeling I live for, the tone I can hear in his voice) he has over me that made me cum so fast , but its also what has left me turned on, my pussy throbbing, wanting more as I sit here writing this.

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