A good night

"T" finally made a decision to go home this year for the holidays, to visit his mother/father, sister, brothers & extended family. I will be here with my kids and family. He said he didn't want to go because of me, but I told him it was the right thing to do. Yesterday I was waiting for him to come over so we could go to dinner & movie. He called to let me know that he had a situation with his son that he had to work out then he would be on his way. Several hours later he showed up, I wasn't angry but in the past I would have just let the resentment build up and I didn't want that, so I let him know that he was late - he apologized because he hadn't let me know. He had taken care of his son then was talking to his mother, she had been in the hospital getting some tests done. He ended up telling her that he would be coming home for the holidays (originally it was a surprise), she was happy. I knew at that moment that he had made the right decision to go home, I would miss him but this was something he needed to do. My father died a week before my daughter was born and the thing I will always remember was that he had called me the day before and I returned the call to late. Not because of anything other than just being busy, something that I can never change and will always regret.

After we talked about his mom I told him about my idea that I had come up with while I was grocery shopping. We have been talking about living together, marriage, future and everything it implies. We both have villas that are large enough for us and our kids but neither one of us has enough room for the other family. The housing market is terrible here so it probably wouldn't be in our best interest to sell & buy. My idea was that we could move the older children into one of our homes, they would have to pay rent and would probably need a roommate. Then we would take the younger children and move into the other home. I was nervous about telling him but because our relationship is so different than those I have had in the past that I felt comfortable enough to bring it up. He really embraced the idea and as the night went on I could see the wheels turning in his head, mentioning it randomly about how he would handle it. That has to be the best part of all, he would handle it and I wouldn't be the one making all the tough decisions. We also talked about money (which broke up his marriage) and we both feel that when you go into a marriage that whats mine is yours and whats yours is mine. I know some people would not agree with that but that is a part that I very strongly want. I believe that a relationship is built on trust and honesty and if you don't have that then it won't work. If you don't have trust & honesty then money can rip everything to shreds.

"T" also talked about collaring me, something that we really hadn't spoken about before. I was surprised to hear that he had looked into having a collar made for me, something I could wear during the day that would remind me that I was his. I was very pleasantly surprised and excited.

We eventually went to a late dinner (delicious) and then came home, watched a little TV before falling asleep. The best part of coming home was kneeling before him and him telling me to join him in bed. When we woke up this morning he was touching and caressing me. He placed his hand on my pussy and began to rub and put his fingers inside me. At the time I didn't realize it (but should have) he was rubbing just below my clit, in my haze I thought he just wasn't hitting the mark and I went to move his hand up. He knew exactly what he was doing and I was told to place my hands above my head.

He reminded me that everything he did had a purpose. He rubbed more and when he did hit the clit, I begged to cum but right then he asked me a question. I can't even remember what it was but it interrupted my cumming, he laughed telling me my thoughts must be on his fingers because I couldn't process the question. He let me cum after that and several more times by his hand. I had been holding on to his cock while all of this was going on and he was hard. "T" grabbed the lube and had me roll over on my stomach, he was on top of me rubbing his hard cock against my ass. I love the way he feels and I can't wait until the 1st to feel him inside of me. He came all over my back, cleaning me up after he rubbed it into my skin. He told me to roll over and when cuddled until it was time for him to leave, it was a good night all around.

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