It rained today, rained responses to my ad that is. I think I heard from about 20 guys, including the original penis pic guy that I mentioned before. His email definitely deserved a response because he started off with....WOW still haven't found him yet huh???....Apparently I'm not what your looking for but wow can't believe you haven't found the one yet.....unbelievable.

I had some time to kill this morning waiting for a phone call so I responded back letting him know that no I had indeed received many emails from men like him but hadn't found that "one". We began chatting back and forth, turns out he has a good sense of humor and pretty good personality. He wanted to know why I had rejected him in the first place, just out of curiosity. I told him it was the picture and the fact that he was already in a relationship. In the mean time I had told him I was involved with a married man and he said why him and not me? I said timing and the picture thing. "Sir" was persistent and really knew when to seize the opportunity, which is why I am attracted to him. Anyway I enjoyed corresponding with him, even though he was a little aggressive. He wanted to come over and give me an estimate for lawn services and show me his goods (which I've already seen). He did tell me that the person he was in a relationship with was not into being dominated. I find all of this fascinating that people will be with someone who doesn't complete them, where as I couldn't do it - I was never satisfied, makes me wonder. How many people are truly happy with their lives?

On a more erotic note, "Sir" called me and we had a somewhat non sexual conversation this morning (of course I am such a slut that I still got wet just from hearing his voice).  Then some how in his way of taking me there, we started talking about handcuffs and how he wanted to take them and run the hard metal up and down my thighs. Rubbing them on my breasts and pussy before he placed them on me, then he asked me to sit on the couch where he had made me cum over and over the other day. I was to put them on and sit there. Imaging what it would be like to have worn them the other day, mmmm yummy. I never got to the couch because I had to run, but I did take a moment to imagine him running them over my body. I could actually feel the cold steel on my leg going to the inside of my thigh, it gave me chills. He told me I could cum if I wanted to but I would rather wait for him, unless of course he tells me I have to do it, then I wouldn't be able to say no. He did call later and tell me not to worry about my task because he knew I was doing a favor for a friend, thank you "Sir".

We spoke about some of things that I enjoyed having him do to me. I told him that when he is rough and then does something unexpected like caress my face gently, it throws off my rhythm because I never know what to expect next. I find that very exciting and makes me want more, also the spanking he gave me yesterday was quite delightful. Imagine what that would be like while you were restrained, he said. He asked me if I was his good slut, Yes "Sir" are you my whore, Yes "Sir". Do you want me to fuck you hard, Yes "Sir" please "Sir".

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