He's got me

"Sir" asked me today...I've got you don't I? I laughed and said yeah I guess you do. Well never was that more true than what he just did. He is on a business call and right before he went in he told me to make sure I was in a frenzy and when he called back in 20 min. and we would talk.

Then the text messages started...are you wet? Yes "Sir" I want to take off my clothes and touch myself - take off your clothes. Faster slut - yes "Sir". Wetter? Touch yourself slowly - Yes "Sir". Rub faster, are you dripping? Yes "Sir". Don't cum yet - cruel "Sir". Pinch your nipple, want to cum? Beg me slut - please "Sir" I am your slut please "Sir" may I cum? Pinch your nipple and your clit right now, are you ready to explode, feeling a rush? Yes "Sir". Imagine I pull your head back rest on my shoulder and whisper to be a good girl and take a deep breathe, DON'T CUM YET! Yes "Sir". Imagine being my slut in handcuffs, pulling tighter as you squirm, moaning hard yet? Yes "Sir".

Rub your pussy with them slowly teasing your clit and inner thighs (I almost came by mistake at this point). Squeeze your pussy, ready to explode? You may cum but only if you cum very hard, which I did. Rubbing my clit and nipple with the cold steel handcuffs lying against my thigh. Not only did I cum hard but I had what was described to me today as a rolling orgasm, 3. I was a good girl and came hard for you "Sir".

Yes I would say as I sit here typing with cum dripping out of me, He's got me.

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