I love country music

I am still throbbing from my time with "T", for 2 hours he rubbed, caressed, pinched and teased me. He allowed me to cum at least 10 times and at one point put a clock on how many times I could cum. I love that he can make me cum so many times, I love that even when I'm in the moment I can feel him watching me as I am cumming.

OK from the beginning, first I know "T" had a tough day at work because we had lunch earlier in the day, so I wasn't sure how he would be tonight. I wondered if he would be overly aggressive, rougher or angry, surprisingly enough I don't think it effected his actions towards me. He was a little more introspective than usual but other than that he was the same. Tonight was little different because we knew he would have to leave at a certain time because of his boys. Something we have to start taking into account, remembering that as much fun as we are having, we both have responsibilities. We talked about him staying over on the weekend and one night during the week. Maybe we can stay at his house one night so that the boys don't feel excluded. He also talked about bringing over his toy bag and leaving it at my house, because every time we are together he wishes he had it available.

As soon as "T" arrived I could feel my heart flutter and the tension leave my body, he has a very calming effect on me- like I can relax now because he will take care of me. We went into my room and closed the door, he pulled me into his arms and kissed me. Immediately he began to undress me and told me to kneel, one of my favorite routines we have, I wait all day to be able to kneel at his feet. Tonight he placed my arms behind my head and I left them there until  he was done with me. He then told me to get into bed, where he joined me. Taking me in his arms to touch every inch of my body, over and over. Tweaking my nipples the entire time we were together. In the beginning he placed his hand on my pussy and rubbed ever so lightly teasing me until he started rubbing my clit. I asked for permission to cum, but was denied several times if I remember (I was trying to concentrate on my breathing).  When he finally did allow me to cum, I came very hard and fast, this continued many times. The very last time there was a country song on and he said that I was permitted to cum as many times as I wanted during the song, I didn't have to ask for permission but did have to tell him when I was cumming. That was  like a little slice of heaven, "T" making me cum again and again until the song ended. As I was enjoying the after effects of his orgasm control, I told him that I loved country music too.

"T" loves country music and said that he was going to make me listen to the same song over and over until I could sing it and then I would be allowed to cum, clothes pins were also mentioned more than once tonight, he laughed when he said it - I knew he wasn't joking.

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  1. who wouldn't love country music after that?? smiles!!

    (i do like it, just don't listen to it much with a teen into the top 40...)

    ps...you sound so so so happy! Congrats!