I love you

Last night "T" met one of my very good friends and it went very well. We laughed, drank, ate and enjoyed some very interesting jokes. I was very pleased. Then I met his son's, 2 wonderful boys - beautiful smiles and very polite. By the time we were done it was very late and as I sat on the chair waiting for him to get into bed, instead he came and kneeled in front of me. Totally freaked me out because I was expecting to kneel for him and I didn't know what he wanted. He started kissing on me and hugging me, turns out he just wanted to be affectionate & playful. He asked me what I wanted and I told him I was cold and tired. So he went over to the bed and I kneeled down, he began to kiss and caress me, he said that I had a choice. I could have an orgasm or I could get into bed, at that point I was so tired I choose bed, knowing I would have more energy in the morning. I crawled into bed and fell asleep in his arms in moments. Sleeping with "T" has become wonderful and easy.

This morning I woke before him and I lie there thinking about the things he had told me, like I love you. He had told me last night, I had already resisted the urge to say it days ago telling myself that I would wait (at least until he said it first). I tell my kids & family everyday whenever I speak with them I love you, whenever we are on the phone or they are going somewhere, its just my nature. So the urge to tell "T" I loved him was very natural for me and resisting was almost a physical pull back for me, but I didn't want to push things too fast, LOL! While I was thinking about "T" he woke up and began to caress me, pinching my nipples, rubbing my body and gently skimming my pussy (but not enough to make me cum). He saw the look on my face that I give him when I want something and he asked what I wanted. I told him I wanted him to push is finger deeply into my pussy, which he did but it wasn't exactly what I had wanted. He laughed and told me next time I needed to ask for exactly what I wanted. After giving me a hard time he placed his fingers in my pussy again (I don't remember what he or I said) and with in seconds I was ready to cum.

My eyes flew open and I looked at him and asked him I could cum and he whispered yes, I exploded. I thanked him and he began caressing me again. He placed his hand on my pussy and within 2 seconds I was begging to cum again and he said yes. I came hard but he didn't stop rubbing and I just kept cumming over and over. There was some question as to whether it was one continuous or 3 times, "T" said if it had been just one continuous one that I was OK, but if I had cum several times without asking for permission there would be consequences. I smirked and assured him that it had been one, I told him later I had been unsure and he laughed saying he knew. I just realized he laughs at me a lot and I love it. There was a moment this morning when he had said something to me and I caught a glimpse of things to come, knowing that he had much much more in store for me and that I have only tasted his control over me.

When I was done cumming, he allowed me to hold him and make him cum. I love his cock, it so beautiful and hard. After cleaning him up he held me until we had to get out of bed, which was hard because I could have stayed there all day enjoying him. He says we are like to teenagers doing everything but having sex. I am definitely enjoying myself.

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