This will probably be my shortest post ever, well relationship with "Sir/K" is over. I don't want to write about it now but one day when I am in the mood.

Two things - I have a date today with a man "E", seems like a good man, seems to want the same things I do. Only time will tell. I am trying to keep myself open and dating, keeps my mind out of trouble. When I am left alone with my thoughts it always gets me into trouble. The other thing is I spoke to a man last night I had exchanged some emails with "M" and WOW. Right away I could tell from his emails he was a no nonsense kind of guy and had that quality of confidence that I can't resist in a man. I recognized that in his emails he had begun to instruct me, anyway after we got through the exchange of pictures (and he was extremely attractive & he told me I had incredible eyes, which I do) he told me I needed to call him if I was interested. While he was giving me that choice, I sent him my number - I already knew I wanted to talk to him so why beat around the bush. He told me later that was a good move on my part. His voice was strong and powerful with a hint of Georgia twang that came out occasionally (so cute).

He was married twice & divorced, no children, has been a D since he was 20 and has made it part of his life ever since. His family is here and he is going to move here in January. His home in Georgia has a dungeon, he told me that he is very open about his life. His mother knows about him, as well as his friends. Quite a change from the men I have met, who guard that part of their lives with a vengeance. Being the D that he is, right away he started reading me. Noticing when I giggled, my breathing was off, getting flustered, etc. Its that feeling like he can read my mind, very intoxicating. He demanded respect right from the beginning of the phone call and while I was nervous he was correcting me. Our conversation went from regular things (family, work, etc.) to put your hand on your left nipple. Breathe in deeply and let it out slowly. Now pinch your nipple and breathe again and repeat on the other. He had me twisting my nipples harder than I had ever done but the breathing helped and on the second time I didn't feel the pain as much. I found it to be very interesting.

He told me about his leather collection, spanking bench and some of the toys he had. Now I know that I didn't think this is the way I wanted to go, but I couldn't stop wondering what it would be like and he had me all worked up with his visual descriptions. He would take me somewhere then stop and tell me more about himself and then he would take me somewhere else, it was pretty amazing or maybe now I am just more willing to follow. By the time the call ended I was pretty much putty in his hands, yes I know such a slut. He ended the call telling me to orgasm afterwards and call out his name. Like the good submissive I am, I followed his instructions to the letter. It was hard and long. I doubt this shall go anywhere, but I did enjoy myself last night.

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