Just a movie...I swear

After a crazy busy day "T" called and asked if I wanted to meet for coffee and I said no, do you want to come over and watch a movie instead? So we made a plan, we were going to watch The Secretary which I had on my dvr. A few hours later he showed up, I had told my son that "T" would be coming over and I introduced them, then we went to watch the movie - I swear!

We walk in my bedroom and I shut the door, "T" takes me in his arms and we kiss, then he sits on the edge of my bed. He pulls me towards him and then next thing I know my top is off, then the bra. He kisses my nipples and then he's taking off my lace panties and sweat pants. I am standing naked in front of him and he's telling me how beautiful I am, I am blushing because I am so self conscious about my stomach but he can't see it because the lights are off and only a couple of candles are lit. He tells me to get into bed and he takes off his shirt and pants, leaving on his underwear. He starts caressing me, kissing me, fondling me and then he reaches down and touches my pussy, very gently. Slowly teasing me, watching me as he puts his finger inside of me. I am moaning as he finger fucks me over and over, each time I had to ask to cum before and I was not denied. He made me cum about 5 or 6 times, once even with a finger in my ass & pussy at the same time. While he was playing with my ass he started what I can only describe as taking little bites of my skin at the same time, it hurt but felt good. Afterwards he would hold me each time, which I love - we talked and he stroked me, I felt very cared for.

He told me to kiss his chest all over, then I was told to suck on his big toes, kiss the back of his legs all the way up to his head. I felt something I had never experienced with any other man, I had not only wanted to do all of this, I enjoyed doing it. He made me feel like I did everything right, that I was pleasing him. Then he lay on his stomach with his face at the end of the bed and had me kneel in front of him. He kissed me very hard, then told me to play with myself as he kissed me. When he pulled away he held onto my hair and told me to keep looking at him in the eye, I was to tell him when I came but didn't need to ask. He told me I was beautiful as I came.

After that we crawled into bed and cuddled. "T" fell asleep fairly quickly but before he told me he couldn't wait until January 1st, that it would be so special to begin the new year together. I quickly discovered "T" snored and so I just lied there for a while, dozing on and off. Around 11-12 I went and checked to make sure my son's TV was off and the house was secure. Then I crawled back into bed, "T" ended up leaving this morning at 6:30am (I snuck him out the front door because I don't ever have men sleep over). I wasn't prepared for last night I honesty thought we were just going to watch a movie. I didn't sleep very well because I wasn't used to having someone in my bed, I didn't have my pillows the way I like them and I will have to get used to the snoring (however when I roll him over on his side, it is quieter) - all of this is OK because I will adjust and it will get easier for me to sleep.

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